The rod is coming along and the tip sections will be the first finished as the tip tops and guides are almost done. Waiting on a new stone for the guide should be here in the next day or two then I can start on the stripping guide and the rest of the seat.

I like each rod to be as much of my work as possible so the guides are hand crafted as well.

1. Is the start of the tips, a argentium silver tube is cut to length.
2. The wire for the tip is bent into shape.
3. The two pieces are soldered together
4. The guides for the rod bend into a loop and the ends bent 90 degrees from the loop.
5. Each end is hammered flat.
6. Once done the tips and the guides are put into a rock tumbler with a burnishing compound and steel shot specially designed for this purpose and tumbled for a few hours to hammer harden the parts. The guides are still not quite done after that they will need to go into the kiln and heat harden as well, after all that the guides should be as hard as stainless steel.

Hope all is well and the fish are biting.

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