Hello All

A quick note to let everyone what Luke Weiser Custom Rods is up to.

I have recently finished the Build for April Vokey for her trout fishing excursions in New Zealand. If you have a chance she is doing a trip next month at the Owen River Lodge, might want to check it out.

Rods in progress.

I am at present building a 10’6″, 3 section, switch rod that I have no idea what the weight is going to come out at. I sit down work out the dimensions of the taper that I think will cast well and build the rod, the first few casts will let me know if I hit the mark or built something that casts like crap. Then adjustments are made on the next attempt. So far most of our tapers have cast very well. I have several friends that are always willing to try them out for a day or two.

For those that were following the April build you will recall I had 2 inches break off the tip of the rod during the binding process. I finished that rod and it worked out to be a great casting 7 weight and has ended up in our demo fleet of rods. That one will be duplicated in the next month for the trade show in January here in Calgary. I slimmed down a 7′ and what I thought to be a 5 weight at the time, reassessment now has it at a 6 weight, in the hopes it would end up a 4 weight but it ended up to be a amazing 5 weight, we now have 3 more of these tapers on the go for the show as well.

I am also very happy to announce that Bow River Troutfitters will be carrying our rods. I am trying to get as many as I can in their show room before Christmas. The rods that are in their show room will then be shown at the Western Canadian Fly Fishing Expo this coming January and I will be in attendance for some of the show as well to get people casting on the pond with the bamboo.

I intend to write more of these quick little notes in the blog section, I will try to not make them long winded.